We recommend using Google Chrome (available on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android) or Firefox. Safari and Internet Explorer do not yet support some of the advanced features you'll find in the Designer.

  1. Turn off pop-up blockers (or allow pop-ups from personalizeityourself.com).
  2. Create a new account, enter your email to use the designer as a guest, or enter your email and password if you already have an account.
  3. Choose a product from one of the categories.
  4. Click or tap on Create Design (2).
  5. Click or tap on Use a Quick Design.
  6. Click or tap on Load Your Saved Design to start with a design you previously saved.
  7. Click or tap on the color picker (below the product on the right) to select a background color.
  8. Click or tap on Add Clip Art, then select one of the categories, then click or tap on the clip art you want to add to your design.
  9. Click or tap on Upload Your Photo or Design to add your images to your design.
  10. Click or tap on Add Your Uploaded Images if you have previously uploaded images.
  11. Click or tap on Add Text (3) to type or paste in your text, choose different fonts, and add the text to your design.
  12. Click or tap on Print/Save Design (4).
  13. Click or tap on Print at Home if you will be printing the design on your own printer.
  14. Click or tap on Print at Store if you will be printing the design at a photo finisher such as Target, Walgreens, or Wal Mart.
  15. Click or tap on Save for Later if you have already created an account and wish to save your design for later use. If you have not created an account, you will be prompted to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which browser should I use?
A: The Personalize It Yourself Designer tool works best with Google Chrome on all operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android). Firefox should function correctly as well. Safari and Internet Explorer do not yet support some advanced HTML5 features that can be found in the Designer, such as the color picker. You will still be able to use the Designer, but some features will be more difficult to use.

Q: If I am using Safari or Internet Explorer, how do I pick a color for my background, clip art, or text?
A: Because Safari and Internet Explorer do not yet support the HTML 5 Color Picker feature, you will enter a Hex Value or Color Name to choose colors. You can enter names such as Red, Green, Blue, and Magenta if you want simple colors. Once the name is entered, the background or object will change to that color. If you want more precise colors, you will need to enter a Hex Value. These start with a #, and have three or six letters and numbers, such as #ff0000. Visit htmlcolorcodes.com to find a robust color picker. The Hex value will appear above and to the right of the picker (circled in red in the image below). Copy and paste that code into the input in the Designer.

HTML Color Picker

Q: When I tried uploading my photo, I received an "Invalid File Type" error. How can I fix this and upload my images?
A: You might get the invalid file type error for a number of reasons. The most likely problem is that your file has one or more spaces in the file name. Remove those spaces and/or replace them with hyphens or underscores and your files should upload correctly. It is also possible your file is missing the proper file extension (.jpg, .jpeg, .png) at the end of the file name. If you add that file extension, your file should upload. Note that simply adding a file extension to a file that is NOT actually a JPEG or PNG will not be sufficient for the file to upload. Lastly, it is possible that the file itself is corrupt or formatted incorrectly. Feel free to email us any file that is causing problems so we can help you troubleshoot.

Q: I am on an iPad or other mobile device with a smaller screen. How do I log in and access the designer tools?
A: Click or tap on the green icon to the left of the Welcome to the Personalize It Yourself Designer text. This will cause the login and other tools to slide out. Click the icon again to hide the left side of the designer.

If you have any problems or questions, email us at info@jaymo.co. Your questions will help us continue to build the Frequently Asked Questions page.